AEROPAK Chain & Gear Spray Lubricant
AEROPAK Chain & Gear Spray Lubricant
AEROPAK Chain & Gear Spray Lubricant


Item No.: APK8403

Weight: 200ml/100g net/3.5oz 
Can Size: ∮52mm x 120mm H 
Package: 200ml x 48pcs/ctn 
20ft Container Loading 1200 cartons


Description du produit


AEROPAK Chain & Gear Spray Lubricant



1.High performance of lubrication and abrasion resistance

2.Generating less carbon deposit

3.Less volatilization

4.Excellent stability under high-temperature condition.



Aeropak Chain & GearLubricant is ideally suited to lubricating chains where a highly tenacious lubricant is required. It is an excellent product designed for use on medium and heavy loaded chain drives. It is suitable for a wide range of temperatures and will not easily be thrown off during use. When applied it gives a tenacious oily film which will lubricate deep into chain linkages.Provides long-term internal and external lubrication of chains, bearings gear mechanisms, O ring seals and all types of mechanical joints.



1. All-weather use

2. Applicable to the chains and gear of the car,bike and motor bicycle,also useful for shutter of the door,precision instrument,bearing, machine,electrical device,etc.

3. Also displaces moisture to improve conductivity of electrics and start wet engines.

4. Special dry formula has superior penetrative quality,creating a durable and protective layer.

5. No messy white residue



 1. Keep away from Children.

2. Operate in ventilated place.

3. Don't put it in the car and keep away from heat and fire.


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