AEROPAK Temp Embroidery Textile Spray Adhesive
AEROPAK Temp Embroidery Textile Spray Adhesive
AEROPAK Temp Embroidery Textile Spray Adhesive


Item: APK-8605

Size: 500ml;
Package: 12pcs/ctn;
20ft Container: 2050 cartons


Description du produit


AEROPAK Temporary Embroidery Spray Adhesive textile spray adhesive




l Super viscosity, fast past, easy to use; spray particle fine and homogeneous, paste thin fabric not wrinkle ;

l High concentrations , cover area is large, viscosity is 1.5 to 2 times than the similar general spray adhesive;

l Low penetration,no pollution to fabrics;

l Within 60 minutes of operation time, more suitable for the nose embroidery machine, no need to repeat spray , improve work efficiency;

l No formaldehyde, according the export standards.



APK-8605 all-purpose glue for plastic laminated board is applied in indoor decoration, computerized embroidery(such as children dress, underwear, nylon or other cloth that is hard to paste. ). It's suitable for paper sheet, leaflet, cloth, paperboard, softwood, foam adhesive, glass fiber and polystyrene, etc. Can apply above material to cloth, metal, wood and glass, etc.



1. Pressurized packaging, explosion may happen in high temperature, keep space ventilation.

2. Avoid close to heat, fire and avoid direct sunlight for a long time.

3.Do not store at 49 ℃ above, recommended temperature is less than 30 ℃.

4. Keep away from children.

5. If contacted with skin or eyes, please clean with water,or see a doctor immediately.

6. The user's responsibility to determine whether the products suitable for the specific purpose when never use this product before. before use, it’s better test on the sample materials.


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