AEROPAK Super Car Oil Treatment
AEROPAK Super Car Oil Treatment
AEROPAK Super Car Oil Treatment


Item No: APK-8322

Size: 380ml/pc;

Package: 24pcs/ctn;

20ft Container: 2002ctns/20FCL


Description du produit


AEROPAK Super Car Oil Treatment


AEROPAK Super Oil Treatment is an oil additive to improve the viscidity of the engine oil under the operating conditions of high temperature, high pressure, heavy load and bad weather. It can improve the performance of engine oil, prevent engine oil from decomposition, provide effective lubrication for engine, reduce the production of acid matter, colloid and carbon residues, and prevent burning of engine oil.



1. Increases gloss, dust-proof, anti band eletrostatic.

2. Penetrates, dissolves and removes the asphalt, grease spots and dirt from surface.

3. Reduce friction and noise of the engineand prolong the lifespan of engine

3. Ideal for household appliance, vehicle dashboards,tires, leather seats, furniture, plastic products for glazing and protection.



1. Stop the engine, then add this product to the engine oil

2. One can for new car, two for old;

3. It is suggested to addAEROPAK Super Oil Treatment every 20000km.



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