AEROPAK Radiator Leakage Stopper
AEROPAK Radiator Leakage Stopper
AEROPAK Radiator Leakage Stopper


Item No.APK-8320
Can Size65mm x 240mm H
Package350ml x 24pcs/ctn
Carton Size444x286x150 mm
20ft Container Loading1500 cartons


Description du produit

AEROPAK Radiator Leak Stopper



natural vegetable fiber 
without harm to other parts 
compatible with any kind of anti-freeze fluid



AEROPAK Radiator Leakage Stopper is formulated with natural vegetable fiber, hardener, anti-rust agents, and anti-foam agent. It can promptly stop the leakage in cooling system. The natural fire will not clog the channels of radiator, but completely clear away the scum and rust in the cooling system without harm to other parts. This product is compatible with any kind of anti-freeze fluid.



Start the motor and open the heater-valve.

After the successful seal, correct the coolant stood.

It is sufficient to cooling systems of 8 litres filling quantity.



1. Use up the product at one time;

2. Do not replace the water in the water tank within one week after theproduct is added;

3. For a water tank not cleaned for a long time, use AEROPAK cleaning agent for cooling system to clean the water tank before using the product, and a long-acting leakagestop function can be secured;

4. Do not contact with skin and eyes. Keep it away from children.


 Caution: Do Not open the radiator cap when the engine is hot!


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