AEROPAK Underground Mine Marking Paint
AEROPAK Underground Mine Marking Paint
AEROPAK Underground Mine Marking Paint
AEROPAK Underground Mine Marking Paint


Item No.: APK8208

Weight: 500ml/350g net/12.3 oz 
Can Size: ∮65mm x 195mm H 
Package: 500ml x 12pcs/ctn 
Carton Size: 275x205x245 mm 
20ft Container Loading 2050 cartons


Description du produit

 AEROPAKUndermining Marking Spray Paint is a ozone safe marking out paint specially formulated for underground areas. It is non-flammable and creats highly visible markings. Sate to use in sensitive environment, such underground mining sites, excavation sites, constructions sites and more. 360 degree application for all direction spray, ideal for under ground surveying & engineering marking requirements. Available with unique trigger cap for marking mine ceiling/floors by hands.

 AEROPAK Underground Mine Marking Paint



1. ensure surface to be marked is clean and dry ,

2. shake can vigorously until agitator ball inside can , moves freely for one minute .

3. invert can and insert into applicator, gently rotate in order to locate correctly into applicator ,

4. fasten retaining clip over base of can

5. pull trigger to activate aerosol

6. speed of forward movement controls density of line

7. to clean nozzle after use ,turn can upright and depress for 3-4 seconds.


Packaging & Shipping
Nozzle OptionCommon cap / Sliding safety spray cap
Valve SystemSpray cap/ Side push/ Inverted/ All direction valve system
FormulaEU Standards
MOQ6000cans for Aeropak brand, 600cans/color



Storage Condition: KEEP IT OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN; store it in cool, dry and well-ventilated place lower than 45 degrees; keep away from fire source; do not puncture or burn the bottle.


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