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AEROPAK Brand Chalk Spray is an environmentally friendly, chalk-based pigment spray with a unique rough chalk finish. It's safe and non-hazardous for outdoor temporary marking as well as for indoor studio artwork — making it perfect for all kinds of projects, event signage, advertisements, marketing campaigns, and even gardening and landscaping.


Use AEROPAK Chalk Spray on a variety of surfaces such as canvas, posterboard, metal, glass, cement, brick, and more. Offering strong color power and high coverage, it dries to a deep matte finish. i-Like Chalk Spray can also be permanently sealed with varnish when used for indoor projects, on materials such as canvas or cardboard.

Depending on weather conditions and climate, outdoor markings can last anywhere from several days to several weeks. AEROPAK Chalk Spray colors fade quickly during extended periods of rain, in high traffic areas, and when sprayed on non-porous surfaces such as glass or metal.


Some more fun uses of this Chalk Spray:

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