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LINE MARKING PAINTFast DryingUV ResistantLong Lasting Ultra Bright ColoursMade for Extreme EnvironmentsAeropak Marking Paint is ideal for marking parking lots, indicating danger zones, marking areas for safety, installation, evacuation or maintenance procedures. Resistant to weather and most chemicals.Can be used on most surfaces including concrete, asphalt, grass, wood, synthetic surfaces. Stripes of between 6-12cm wide can be achieved, depending on the nozzle setting, line marking lengths of 55-100m can be achieved with one can, this will vary according to the speed of application and surface texture.PREPARATIONSurface must be ready to take paint. For best results spray on dry and clean surfaces free of grease, wax, rust and dust.APPLICATIONIMPORTANT : Shake the can vigorously for t...
AEROPAKUndermining Marking Spray Paint is a ozone safe marking out paint specially formulated for underground areas. It is non-flammable and creats highly visible markings. Sate to use in sensitive environment, such underground mining sites, excavation sites, constructions sites and more. 360 degree application for all direction spray, ideal for under ground surveying & engineering marking requirements. Available with unique trigger cap for marking mine ceiling/floors by hands.  Instruction:1. ensure surface to be marked is clean and dry ,2. shake can vigorously until agitator ball inside can , moves freely for one minute .3. invert can and insert into applicator, gently rotate in order to locate correctly into applicator ,4. fasten retaining clip over base of can 5. pull tri...
Aeropak Tree Marking Paint is a long-term aerosol spray forest marking . Good leveling,high coverage and luster Rich color,better flexibility,fast dry.Impact enduring,strong adhesiveness Product DescriptionAEROPAK Tree Marker is designed to mark all natural and cut timber. Ideal for the forestry and timber processing industries. Can be used for lumber identification of all types, logs, cut wood, railroad ties, pulpwood, finished lumber and more! Available in bothAeropak regular and fluorescent colors.Characteristics and properties--Does not contain lead, Toluene, Xylene or Methylene Chloride.--Heavily pigmented to provide bright visual identification at distances.--Ideal for inventory and lumber identification marking of cut wood, trees, logs, railroad ties, pulpwood, a...
Brief description &Features:FAST DRYHigh visible &Long lastingweatherproof& waterproofNo harm to animal skinRich colors: red, green, blue, violet, etc.Ideal for marking all animalsISO9001, ,REACH,TUV certificated Applications:AEROPAK Animal marking SPRAY PAINT/Live Stock Paint/Pig PaintHighly visible mark on cattle, swine, sheep, pig, horse or any livestock.Fast drying and fading-resistant.It is fully weatherproof and waterproof once dry.Ideal for marking synchronized cows, dry cows, medicated animals; freshening dates; identifying newborns and dams; sorting animals, or any other marking needs.Various colors: red, blue, green, violet and so on are available. Advantages:High visibleLong lastingbrilliant colorseco-friendlyhigh emission rate Directions 1. Shake...
AEROPAK Sheep & Tail Marking Paint Spray Features:1. Easy usage2. Environmental formula3. High visibility4. No harm for animal skin.5. Last for long time. Application:1.AEROPAK Animal Tail (Sheep) marking spray is ideal for marking all animals, such as sheep, cattle, horse etc., and it is designed to mark a long lasting.2.Extremly fast drying, resists fading. Once dry, is fully weatherproof and waterproof.3.Animal marking spray is available in a choices of colors, red, blue, green, yellow, purple,also can adjust the color per customer's requirement. Directions1. Shake can well before use.2. Press the nozzle and spray form 30-40cm to mark animals.3. The spray can be used in any angle for marking.  Precaution1. Keep out of reach of chirdlren.2...
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