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AEROPAK REFLECTIVE SAFETY PAINT/LIFE PAINTDESCRIPTIONAeropak Reflective Safety Paint is a unique water based reflective safety spray paint. It is invisible in daylight, and it glows brightly in direct glare of car headlights. Making the invisible visible. Aeropak Life Paint is washable, and will not damage the color or the surface of your clothes or shoes. It lasts for more than one week. Aeropak Reflective Safety Paint can be used in all sorts of ways. It works best on textile materials, such as clothes, shoes, helmets, pushchairs, children backpacks, even dog leads and collars.
Great about spray in a canThe great things about AEROPAK spray chalk is that it can be used in multiple ways. A few examples:· It can be used to mark play areas on playgrounds.· It can be used to temporary mark a sport court, even grass.· It can be used for temporary advertising.· Spray chalk provides a safe and clean way for kids to do graffiti artwork (which can easily be removed or disappears by itself!).· Kids can do chalk related games and artwork in the garden.· And especially for kids, its cool and fun to play with spray chalk. Different sizes and packages available.   Easy to clean spray chalkAEROPAK Chalk Spray can be used on almost any surface, and can be cleaned with water easily. Outdoors it lasts between a few days and a few weeks, ...
REMOVABLE RUBBER PAINT StylishFlexibleInsulatingNon-slipAvailable in Glossy, Matt, Headlight, Fluro, Pearl Luster, Luminous and Chameleon coloursAeropak Removable Rubber paint can be used to temporarily changing the colour of your entire car or certain parts of it; it's an easily applied and reversible paint job. Aeropak Rubber paint is multi-purpose spray on rubber coating with excellent moisture, acid, alkaline & abrasion resistance. It protects against electrical shock, skidding/slipping & corrosion. For use on wood, metal, glass, rope, plastic, rubber, concrete & tools.PREPARATIONSurface must be ready to take paint, clean surface of grease, wax, rust and dust.APPLICATIONIMPORTANT : Shake the can vigorously for one minute before use. Holding the can 30cm f...
i-Like Brand Chalk Spray is an environmentally friendly, chalk-based pigment spray with a unique rough chalk finish. It's safe and non-hazardous for outdoor temporary marking as well as for indoor studio artwork — making it perfect for all kinds of projects, event signage, advertisements, marketing campaigns, and even gardening and landscaping. Use i-Like Chalk Spray on a variety of surfaces such as canvas, posterboard, metal, glass, cement, brick, and more. Offering strong color power and high coverage, it dries to a deep matte finish. i-Like Chalk Spray can also be permanently sealed with varnish when used for indoor projects, on materials such as canvas or cardboard.Depending on weather conditions and climate, outdoor markings can last anywhere from several days to several week...
Water Proof Spray High Performance Spray Ideal for:Camping, Hiking & All other Outdoor Activities Shoes, Clothes, Tents, etc
•This innovative product is a vanishing white foam that allows soccer referees to mark where players may stand during free kicks.•The non-toxic formulation disappears in minutes, does not stain shoes, and is safe for grass.•The can sprays is triggered with your index finger, and fits conveniently into a pocket or small holster.Suggested Uses:•Mark the spot where the ball should be placed.•Mark a line where the defensive wall can be established.Benefits:•Prevents disputes about defensive wall location.•Increases playing time•Promotes fair play•Each 4oz can marks a line up to 40 feet long•Works great on natural or artificial turf
Aeropak Lawn Bowls Spray Chalk MarkerProduct descriptionAeropak Lawn Bowls Spray Chalk Marker is a high-tech equipment for lawn bowls match umpire, with the characteristics of eco-friendly environmental protection. The umpire used to mark a bowl that was touching the jack with chalk - the spray is a modern version. The benefit of using a modern spray chalk is that it does not require anyone to come into physical contact with the bowls, which could affect the outcome of a game. A bowl that has been sprayed as a toucher is not considered to be out of play if it falls into the ditch, which is a shallow trench that surrounds the bowling green. Members of bowling clubs often bring their own spray chalk, but in some clubs, it is a responsibility of a person known as the marker, a non-p...
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