AEROPAK Air Conditioner Cleaner
AEROPAK Air Conditioner Cleaner
AEROPAK Air Conditioner Cleaner


Item No.: APK8316

Weight: 500ml/350g net/12.3 oz 
Can Size: ∮65mm x 195mm H 
Package: 500ml x 12pcs/ctn 
Carton Size: 275x205x245 mm 
20ft Container Loading 2050 cartons


Description du produit


AEROPAK Air conditioner cleaner, air conditioner cleaner spray



1.No Phosphate, No Stimulation to Skin 
2.Biological Surfactants 
3. flowers smell 



1. Apply with advanced technology, adopting an environmentally protective formula and natural material.

2. Used for the auto air conditioner.

3. Do harmless to human body.

4. Powerful foam could soak into the interior of the air conditioner, so that it could directly get rid of the dirt, oil stain, bedbug and other impurities in the air conditioner.

5. Contain pleasant lemon fragrance

6. it is possessed of the ability to recover the refrigeration and heating performance for the air conditioner, save power and extend the duration for the air conditioner.



Formulated with special natural extract, deodorant and fragrant ingredients, it can clean and deodorize the internal parts of air conditioner and easily and provides inflow of fresh air.. It is non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-toxic. Instantly acts to eliminate dirt, pollen, mould, bacteria, odor with fragrant scent It has disinfectant properties. It kills fungi and bacteria, thus preventing the risk of allergies and other respiratory diseases. It will form a bactericide film on the air conditioner evaporator and airways.




1.Find out the air entry, open the engine hood if necessary.

2.Start the engine, open window

3.Turn off the air conditioner, turn on the outside cycle mode, let the outer air in, adjust the fan to the maximum

4.Tightly collect the provided soft tube to spray mouth of the product (please make sure there’s no liquid spill out when collect in)

5.Find out the strongest suction entry of the air conditioner (hand can feel the position for different cars model), When the strong suction entry close to the side passenger seat, insert the tube to the entry shallowly. No matter what kind of car, make the tube closest to the entry, and evenly shake the product first.

6.Press the button on the product, open the switch, keep rotating at right until the button stop, the strong foam will spray out automatically, when take out the soft tube, rotate at left until the button stop

7.After inject this product into the conditioner, keep the fan working for 10-15 minutes, then close the wind switch, turn off engine, ten minutes later there will exhaust liquid flow out from the outlet


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