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Aeropak Radiator Coolant is a high performance and environmentally friendly coolant containing no BNAPs. It is specially designed to present the burning, cracks and corrosion of the car cooling system. Provides excellent lubrication for the pump, sealing parts and thermostat, and special protection for the car engine made of aluminum alloy or operated at high temperature. Precaution:1. It is applicable in places where the temperature is above -5℃. 2. Flush with plenty of clean water if splash into eye. Not ediable.3. Do not mix it with other radiator coolant.4. Keep out of reach of children;
Aeropak Anti-Freeze Fluid has ability of cooling, anti-freezing, anti-boiling, anti-rust and anti-scaling. It will prevent water in tank from freezing at very low temperature, or boiling at high temperature to protect tank and engine. It can inhibit scale and erosion in tank at the same time to improve the efficiency of cooling system, This product is environmentally friendly and contains NO BNAPs. Precaution:1. It is applicable in places where the temperature is above -15℃. 2. Flush with plenty of clean water if splash into eye. Not ediable.3. Do not mix it with other radiator coolant.4. Keep out of reach of children;
AEROPAK injection Mould Cleaner/ Plastic Injection Mould CleanerSpecifications1.super penetration 2.quickly remove 3.protect steel moulds 4.high dissolved materials and solvents 5.non-toxic  Products Introduction:AEROPAK Injection Mould Cleaner is made of high dissolved materials and solvents with powerful penetration. It has features of samll ordor,good volatility and leaves no stains. It can quickly remove grease,oil,toner and other stains, and it isspecially suitable for removing the film of anti rust and stains on the steel moulds. Besides, it can effectively protect the steel moulds from erosion. It is non-toxic,environmental friendly and of no harm to humans. Usage:Clean the metal parts which should be treated thoroughly, and dry then with air blower first, then shake ...
Mould Anti-rust Lubricant AEROPAK Mould Professional Anti Rust Lubricant adopted finely selected rust-resisting ingredients, widely used in plastic molds, parts, metal ware, machinery, etc.. After spraying, it will form a rust prevention lubricant film and it has lubrication, draining water and rust-proof functions. The film formed is green color used for recognizing the sprayed area. Directions:1. Remove any water, dirt, grease and so on.2. Shake the can well before use.3. Hold the can 15-20 cm away from surface to be sprayed.4. After spraying, gently polish with a clean, soft, dry cloth. Precaution:1. Keep away from heat, flame, spark and other source of ignition. 2. Store in a cool, dry place (45℃); Avoid direct sunlight.3. Do not clash, puncture, or incinerate the can.4....
FeaturesSuper viscosity, fast past, easy to use; spray particle fine and homogeneous, paste thin fabric not wrinkle ;High concentrations , cover area is large, viscosity is 1.5 to 2 times than the similar general spray adhesive;Low penetration,no pollution to fabrics;Within 60 minutes of operation time, more suitable for the nose embroidery machine, no need to repeat spray , improve work efficiency;No formaldehyde, according the export standards.Application:KJ-5301 all-purpose glue for plastic laminated board is applied in indoor decoration, computerized embroidery(such as children dress, underwear, nylon or other cloth that is hard to paste. ). It's suitable for paper sheet, leaflet, cloth, paperboard, softwood, foam adhesive, glass fiber and polystyrene, etc. Can apply above materia...
Feature   1. Super strong stickiness. Suitable for different cloth. Not be yellow or black. 2. High concentrations , cover area is large, viscosity is 1.5 to 2 times than the similar general spray adhesive.3. Low penetration,no pollution to fabrics;4. Within 60 minutes of operation time, more suitable for the nose embroidery machine, no need to repeat spray , improve work efficiency.5. no formaldehyde, according the export standards.  Description:Kingjoin Super Spray Adhesive is a sort of solvent acrylic rubber bond with features of strong adhesion, large spraying area, and uniform spray adhesive Its economical, easy handling and of wide applications. It can be used for cloth, paper, board, plastic, metallic foil, soft wood and sponge.
AEROPAK Sticker Remover Spray DescriptioinsSticker remover is a product which can be applicable to clean the adhesive sticker left on metals or from the window or the body of vehicle by slightly spraying. It will not scratch window and car body itself. It is necessary for hardware, stationery, household fitment, lamps decoration as well. It is friendly to the environment and with no poison solvent. Features1.Easy and safe to use2.Clean adhesive sticker left on different surface,such as metal,plastic,car’s roasted paint and most rubbers, plastics, dopes, stainless steels aluminum alloys, ornamental material, etc.3.It is a necessary for hardware,stationery,household fitment.4. remove gums on the vehicle of annually examination and rate paying, moreover stickers on the public advert...
SpecificationsAEROPAK construction PU foam sealant 1.Made of high quality polyurethane material 2. has a large expansion capacity(50-60)tAEROPAK PU Foam Spray is made of high quality one-component polyurethane material. It has a large expansion capacity, and can be hardened within air moisture. Its harden surface can be painted, and the temperature-resistance is from -40 to 90 .It can be adhere to all building materials and applied to insulating and filling of larger seams, joints, cracks such as gaps between walls, windows and doors, unreachable areas around pipes, etc. It has good performances in anti-freezing, anti-moisture, noise-resistant and heat -insulation.  Uses for Foam Around the houseLiving Space:Gapping baseboardsWindow & door framesAround electrical junctio...
Property:Acid & solidified;high intensity;fast solidification;good tightness;weathering resistant;ultraviolet resistant;ozone resistant;water resistant;Service Restriction:The product is not applicable to structure assembly or project whose base material has a surface temperature above 40.Usage:1. Various interior decoration glass, aluminum alloy and glass device projects2. Various glazing projects3. Seal & cementation of al-alloy door & window, storefront, show window, diagonal and skylight corner line 4. Good sealing performance for glass, glass fiber, pottery & porcelain and greaseless material Instruction:Clean the base material with cloth: clean it with solvent; if in particular demand, coat the surface with paint base and let it dry completely.Make sure fill the ...
Aeropak Neutral Silicone SealantPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONAEROPAK Neutral Silicone Sealant is a middle/high modulus, high quality, cost effective, low odor, multi-purpose, one-part neutral curing sealant.AEROPAK Neutral Silicone Sealant offers excellent adhesion and long term durability, compatibility with a wide variety of substrates, and good weatherproof ability.Used in a range of general sealing, general glazing, waterproofing and trade applications. FEATURESStable and flexible from –50°C to +180°CAdheres to a range of common building materials and finishes.Neutral cure, will not corrode metals, concrete or brick.Cures to a strong, flexible seal capable of withstanding movement in and around the joint.Non-slumping, can be used in vertical and overhead joints.Easy to use – one p...
Aeropak Acrylic Sealant is one component water base sealant, paintable and flexible. It can be used for many purposes. It is panitable and remains flexible. It has good adhesion properties to most surfaces. ApplicationIt can be used for bonding door and window frames, sealing ventilarion pipes, skirting boards, cornices and filling gapsin concrete, bricks etc. Use limitationsThis product can not be used for structural assemblies and adhesion and can not be used on wet surfaces. It is the users responsibility to determine the suitability of use. Directions Bonding surfaces should be clean, dry and without grease. A primer such as white spirit can be used if required. Cut nozzle and apply sealant using a suitable gun. Please conduct a test before use, to conform that...
Aeropak Black Gasket Maker is rated to 260°C(500F); Effective up to 500℉(260℃);General purpose, valve covers;Makes tough leak-proof instantly;Fast curing;Remain flexible;Safe for oxygen sensor equipped vehicles. Excellent heat control and torque retention for overhead cam and timing chain covers.Dries tough, flexible and improves high temperature performance.Resists most engine fluids. Package1.85g/pc; blistercard;2.200 sets/box, 6 bpxes/carton3.500 cartons/20‘ft container4.Carton Size:655x365x230mm  Directions1.Clean the surface to get rid of the rust, oil, or any dirty.2.Cut the cap point, twists the cap mouth, cut at 45 degree angle beveling according to need.3.In order to get the smooth glue, hold the bottle at 45 degree angle, squeeze the g...
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