China aerosol industry thinking – aerosol and automotive after-market

According to the Professional Committee of China Packaging Federation aerosols released in 2013 aerosol industry statistical analysis , China’s sustained and rapid growth in car use aerosol products , in 2013 China’s total production of automotive aerosol products for nearly 300 million , which is the third consecutive year rose more than 20% of production after aerosol insecticide .
First, the booming automobile market , prospects
Automotive aerosol rapid growth , thanks to the booming automobile rapid spread in our country , and automotive supplies market ! Nationwide by the end of June 2012 amounted to 233 million vehicle fleet , automotive breakthrough 110 million , the entire industry has shown rapid growth situation. Rapid growth in vehicle population to promote the continuous development of China’s auto market , the rapid capacity increase , according to statistics , automotive after-market automotive industry chain has become the most stable source of profit , the average annual growth rate of 30% of the production value , and vehicle maintenance , conservation and related services market is one of the most important pillars of the automobile industry , who can seize the automobile era conservation opportunities and service opportunities , will be able to dig Chinese automobile era the greatest wealth of gold .
Automotive aerosol products for its unique packaging, convenient, fast , clean and high use of features to meet the great demand for car maintenance and beauty , plays an important role in vehicle maintenance supplies industry. Automotive aerosol has seven retail channels ( some sales are embodied in maintenance costs ) : First Automobile 4S station ; Second, the traditional medium-sized plant maintenance ; Third roadside car repair shop ; four car special services stores ; five decorative beauty brand fast repair chain ; Sixth shop mode ; seven brand stores. China’s automobile manufacturers use aerosol products are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta , Yangtze River Delta and Shandong , which accounted for 60% of China’s Pearl River Delta region of automotive aerosol production. According to the development trend in recent years , China’s aerosol manufacturing companies to meet domestic demand, while in developed countries the car to Japan, the United States will continue to shift to the domestic aerosol products processing business , companies export business continued to grow, the product is toward multifunctional , serialization direction, can be expected in the near future China will become the world ‘s largest automotive aerosol manufacturing and consumer.
Second, the product features a clear , easy to use, market demand
According to this site reporters from the major manufacturers of automotive aerosol Guangzhou Botny Co. learned that our market is mainly automotive aerosol products include : carburetor cleaner powerful , universal foam cleaning agent, table board wax , asphalt asphalt cleaner, tire brightener, launch agent appearance cleaning agents.
Carburetor strong cleaning agent: initial mainly used in cleaning the carburetor on a car or motorcycle , and gradually evolved into cleaning oil after oil and other mechanical components metal structures all cars, on motorcycles on the current demand is larger , more extensive use of aerosol products .
Universal Foam Cleaner : mainly used to clean the car roof and car velvet velvet upholstery, seat covers , etc. , are also commonly used in the product family cleaning , restaurant commoner sofa , velvet carpet and some of the marble, wood furniture adsorption dust, grease and other plants .
Table board wax ( also called meter leather care agent ) : mainly used for car dashboards, plastic sheeting, leather surface decontamination, the light protection. Is now also widely used in a number of hardware tools, small household appliances and other aspects of surface decontamination and polishing .
Asphalt asphalt cleaning agent: mainly used for cleaning automobile paint buildup of tar and asphalt dirt , also can clean oil paint on other machinery and so on.
Tire brightener : mainly used for light protection on automobile tires , car tires to prevent premature aging and cracking , extend the life of automobile tires.
Engine cleaner appearance : mainly used for cleaning the surface dirt and grime engine , easy engine cooling, so that the engine run better and work.
In addition to the above products around the car clean indoor air problems , as well as automotive air conditioning sterilization deodorant , antibacterial agents and car air-conditioning cleaning agent products. Currently the automotive market for clean , maintenance and repair of up to dozens of aerosol products , the market demand is also constantly increasing .
Third, the main problem with the car facing the direction of aerosol
Professional Committee of China Packaging Federation aerosol aerosol products made automotive products should focus on improving environmental protection, safety, practicality , and consumer demand for the formation of seeking unity in the constant innovation in the development pattern in 2011 . In recent years, the rapid growth of market demand does spawned many innovative products, while huge gold car care market has also attracted many non-traditional companies involved in automotive aerosol aerosol products. However , with the rapid development of the industry , adverse reactions followed.
Currently restrict the development of automotive aerosol has the following main factors : low consumer awareness ; lack of independent research and brand awareness ; no mandatory industry standards ; product quality varies greatly restricted the development of the industry and other factors , the overall sense industry is still in the initial development of a relatively chaotic state . In addition, as a number of aerosol products with a certain security issues , the need to use the right way transportation , storage and sale of display , and domestic regulators will generally regarded as the product of dangerous goods , transport and storage conditions of high demand and general there are many supermarkets and other places restrictions on the sale of dangerous goods , which greatly restricted the development of automotive aerosol products.
According to the China Packaging Federation aerosol Professional Committee of the Secretary-General Zhao Kun introduced , the association is stepping up efforts to develop a plan , and strive to create a standard system of initial aerosol products , services, development of the automotive industry in five years . 2013 China’s latest implementation of the two transport of dangerous goods standards, according to these two standards , tested to meet the requirements of aerosol products are expected to follow a limited number of exceptions or transport , ie transport of general cargo , which will greatly ease the pressure on companies to reduce product cost.
Meanwhile, Zhao Kun Secretary-General also introduced the “innovation and development” as the theme of the 2013 Sixth ( Ningbo ) International Aerosol organization of exhibitions , the exhibition brings together many domestic automobile manufacturers involved in aerosol products show , the exhibition will be held over the same period more than exchanges of technology and innovation , which is the only one focused on domestic and Asian aerosol industry showcase platform. During the exhibition Botny Chemical Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou , Shandong United States and many of the Group , Langfang powerful Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. , Zhaoqing Ou Disi Industrial Co., Ltd. and other large domestic auto aerosol manufacturers will share with the participants of the latest domestic and foreign businessmen R & D results , introduce the latest maintenance supplies , this will be a great opportunity to raise consumer awareness , brand awareness .
Based on brand , innovation , regulation escort car aerosol of this rapidly growing market, the fleet will in the vast ocean of the car will wind waves , the former Dragons line ! We expect that China will soon become the automotive powerhouse , leading automotive aerosol industry towards a better tomorrow.

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